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2017 Live Dart Counter


Leave the Chalk & Calculator at Home!

  • Effortless Scorekeeping
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  • Faster Match Play


Don’t rely on misleading win/loss records!

DartConnect will show you how well you really played with automated performance tracking.

  • Instant In-Game Stats
  • Comprehensive Match Reports
  • Player Performance Leaderboards


Play anyone, anytime. Your connections will grow as you play at home, the pub, at events and league night. DartConnect will effortlessly track win/loss records and performance history, without any additional effort on your part.

2017 Live Dart Counter

More Players. More Darts. More Often.

Compete Online

Can’t make it to the pub?

  • Compete online and play against friends anywhere and anytime.
  • Premium members can invite guests to play for free.
  • Connect with distant friends for a quick match or a serious practice session.

vs. DartConnect

Need a sparring partner?

  • Select a challenge level and play against DartConnect.
  • Adaptive Play” will enable DartConnect to adjust to your level of play for each leg.
  • Computer can simulate timing of a real player or you can adjust for no delay.


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League Services

Let DartConnect do the heavy lifting while providing the tools to promote league play. Tracking stats has never been easier.

  • Division rosters appear on every team’s device
  • Players receive electronic match reports
  • League leaderboards update automatically
  • Dramatically reduce statistic tracking
  • Fans can follow league matches on DCTV!

Tournament Services

Whether running a weekly blind draw or a major sanctioned event, DartConnect will promote your event, enhance the player experience and keep your event running on time.

  • Participants receive electronic match reports
  • Automatic performance leaderboards
  • DartConnect TV broadcasts your event for all to see