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With DartConnect, you will play more darts, more often, with more opponents. And that is just the beginning.

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Become a part of the community of thousands of Dart Enthusiasts who logged over 60 Million Darts with DartConnect in 2016!

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DartConnect TV

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  • Broadcast your scoreboard on DartConnect TV so friends and fans can follow the action on their phone, tablet or PC
  • Watch matches from our partner leagues and tournaments on their on their dedicated channels and never miss a match!
  • Follow @DartConnect on Twitter for alert notifications of key matches at tournament and special events, special events and other updates

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League & Tournament Services

League Partners

  • Reserve a Dedicated DCTV Channel
  • Division Rosters Automatically Appear on Devices
  • Receive Electronic Match Reports in Real Time
  • Export League Data to Fit your Reporting Process
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Tournament Partners

  • Reserve a Dedicated DCTV Channel
  • Easy DartConnect Event Check-In
  • Complimentary Match Reports for all Attendees
  • Take Your Event to the Next Level with Additional Support Options
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The DartConnect Mission

"Get more people, to play more darts, more often"

  • That is what a small group of dart enthusiasts set out to do with DartConnect. The game of darts has a great legacy with a strong social bond. Occasionally, even 100 year old traditions require a make over. Its time to replace the chalkboard.

  • More Players

  • MORE PLAYERS. Make the game more accessible and more people will play. Darts is not an easy game to master, especially for the uninitiated. DartConnect minimizes the scoring process, while breaking down the game elements through statistics and reporting.

  • More Darts

  • MORE DARTS. Ever finish a match and wonder where all the time went? Preparing/erasing the score board, calculating scores, correcting entries and documenting progress, all steal dart time. DartConnect speeds up match play so you can shoot more darts, in less time.

  • More Often

  • MORE OFTEN. Can’t find an opponent? Play against DartConnect. Unequal players preventing competitive games? Handicap one player. Can’t make it to your favorite dart venue? Play Online. DartConnect is always available, wherever, however you want to play.

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Got a question? Do you know a league or tournament that wants to partner with DartConnect? Want to use DartConnect to promote the Game of Darts?

Please reach out to us. Just be patient as we are in the process of adding new league features, re-launching our web-site and gearing up for the Spring Event Tour. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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