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Take your event to the next level by partnering with DartConnect.

We provide the tools to promote you event and keep everyone engaged – inside and outside the dart hall.

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  • Transcend the Dart Hall

    Whether you are running a regional qualifier or a national event, DartConnect is ready to elevate your event with DCTV and match reports for all.
  • Facilitating Event Play

    You will receive your own event code that allows participants to share a common tournament list across all devices, making it easy to find opponents and set up matches.
  • Tournament Promotion

    This event code also reserves a dedicated DCTV channel that can be broadcasted on a big screen or viewed by anyone from anywhere with internet access.
  • Multiple Options

    Successful events require budgeting, scheduling and preparation. Contact DartConnect early so we can determine availability and coordinate the right level of support.

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