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DartConnect was designed to accomodate how you play darts. You can practice at home, compete online, play team leagues or just head down to your favorite dart pub and play with friends.

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Can't find an opponent? Select a challenge level and play against DartConnect. Adaptive Play will enable DartConnect to adjust to your level of play for that match, presenting you with the right challenge while practicing.

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Looking to make the most of all the DartConnect features? Help is a single tap away on every screen. Additional information can be found on the members site with tutorials coming soon.

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Beginner Accessible. Pro Driven.

New to Darts?

  • Whether you are just learning or have made the decision to focus on your game, DartConnect is going to accelerate your development, while making it easier to practice and measure your progress.

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How to Score 01

  • Math not your thing? No worries. DartConnect includes an integrated calculator to determine the score for you
  • Know your ’01 outs. DartConnect can display a suggested out for eligible turns. Play on a team? With a connected device, a teammate can call out the recommendation.
  • How good are you? Don’t rely on misleading win/loss records. Dart proficiency is determined by your Three Dart Average (3DA). DartConnect will help you understand this metric during every aspect of play.
  • Need more practice time? Play against DartConnect, working your way up the challenge levels.

Are you Experienced?

  • You play a lot. You want to play more. DartConnect has been specifically designed to minimize key strokes and maximize play time, while effortlessly recording every aspect of your game for post-match analysis.

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Score Cricket

    • Marksman Cricket. Speed up your game scoring, while tracking more performance data. How many darts did you miss? How many triples did you hit? Double Bulls? DartConnect knows – and you will too.
    • Standard and Pro Short Cut Keys for the most common ‘01 scores
    • Next Game Short Cuts to expedite game transitions, including Cork, Alternate, and Mugs Away.
    • Ready for a challenge? Try playing against DartConnect at a high level, in adaptive mode. No matter how well you play, DartConnect will continue to rise to the challenge, game after game.

More than a Scoring Calculator

The DartConnect Member Site

  • You Practice. You Compete. You effortlessly scored all of it. Your work is done.

  • Now let DartConnect handle the rest.

  • The Member Site protects your history while providing you and your team with the performance insights required to Perfect Your Game.

  • Archive

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  • Never worry about your device failing or being lost – we have all of your data saved to your online account. Any time you play on any fellow member’s device, your games are uploaded and available for review minutes after the match is completed.

  • Analyze

  • Did you play well? Did your opponent have an off night? Never rely on misleading win/loss records again. The Member Site allows you to revisit every match, every set, every turn. A great coaching and audit tool.

  • Know

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  • How are you really playing? With your online account, you can instantly find out. Our proprietary snapshot displays your overall performance, current trending and activity. Now you know.
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Offline or Online. Tablet. PC. Smart Phone.


    No WiFi Access?

  • No problem. DartConnect has been designed with the latest web based programming, allowing it to run on compatible browsers offline, anyplace, any time. When you regain web access, your member history will be updated and match reports will go out to all participants.

  • Connected?

  • Take full advantage of DartConnect’s potential. Play online against an opponent, broadcast your league match for friends and fans or run a multi-device event (coming soon).

  • Device Compatible

  • DartConnect was specifically designed as a scoreboard replacement, making touch-screen tablets ideal. However, it works with compatible browsers on any PC, Mac and Smart Phone.

Designed by Dart Players, for Dart Players.

Instructional Video Gallery

Note: DartConnect is a Beta Product with Features and Functionality still evolving. Screen images and navigation depicted in videos may vary slightly from the current application version.

The DartConnect Launch Team

DartConnect Launch Team

Special thanks to everyone who joined, played, tested and offered hundreds of suggestions – many of which have been implemented. While there is much work to do, we would not have made it to this milestone without you. Everyone who enjoys DartConnect from now on owes you a debt of gratitude. May they buy you a pint when they meet you at the throw line!

Launch Team

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Please reach out to us. Just be patient as we are in the process of adding new league features, re-launching our web-site and gearing up for the Spring Event Tour. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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