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Two Years!!!


Another milestone, thanks to the support of hundreds of leagues and tournaments , and most importantly, thousands of players! 2016 witnessed major platform upgrades and releases. Leagues can now program their match formats and populate their team rosters with their own League Portal, while everyone can measure their performance, using the DartConnect Player Performance Leaderboards.

If you want to know how well you really compete with friends and rivals, access your Personal Leaderboard today from either the scoring application or the

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For 2017 we are focused on upgrading the steel tip tournament and event experience. Whether you attend a local blind draw, attend a major 3-day tournament, or commit to a multi-date tour, DartConnect will enable you to focus on your game, throw more darts and improve your experience.

We hope you will join us. Shoot well!

- The DartConnect Team

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Got a question? Do you know a league or tournament that wants to partner with DartConnect? Want to use DartConnect to promote the Game of Darts?

Please reach out to us. Just be patient as we are in the process of adding new league features, re-launching our web-site and gearing up for the Spring Event Tour. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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